Bond Strap #7 Willys A-7826 / GPW-18840

This strap runs from the Starter Motor Bracket Bolt to the Generator Mounting Bolt (rear) and then to the Engine Mount or as it is sometimes referred to as the Insulator.

Some restorers believe one end goes to the front engine plate on the righthand side of the engine, but this is not correct.

Original straps will be seen to have a 25/64” (10mm) diameter hole on one end and the other end an 11/32” (8.75mm) diameter hole.

The 25/64” (10mm) hole is to accept a 3/8” bolt.

The 11/32” (8.75mm) hole is to accept a 5/16” bolt.

Here is a picture of the correct strap on one of the most original untouched 1945 Willys MB’s one will ever find.   The #7 strap is still installed and attached to the front engine mount attaching bolt as it came from the factory.

If you need further information, please email darcy@mvspares and we will do what we can to assist.

Happy restoring,
Darcy Miller

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