Fender Welt Kit

A question that arises regularly is about the Welting material that is used mainly between jeep mudguards and the cowl side panels.

Some restorers believe this Welting should cover the total length of the cowl side panel and encompass all three bolt holes that secure the Mudguard (Fender) to the cowl.

Here is a picture of an original mudguard (Fender) and you will see the Welting does not extend over all three holes.

The original material was a woven heavy cotton saturated in an asphalt bath and therefore can be a good electrical insulator on 6-volt vehicles although its original purpose was as an anti-squeak material where metal to metal contact occurs.

The reason for this Welting being short is to assist in connecting the mudguard electrically to the body proper.

Having restored over 50 WWII Jeeps we have seen this on many original Jeeps, sometimes the welting covers the top two (2) holes and on occasions, we have seen it covering the lower two (2) holes.

The M.V. Spares kit has instructions with the correct lengths, most other kits are incorrect.

Happy Jeep restoring,
Darcy Miller


4 thoughts on “Fender Welt Kit”

  1. Interesting Articular good to know!

    Do you stock Deep Mud Fitting Kit for May built 1945 Willy’s MB Jeep please.

    Many thanks
    Best regards

  2. Your photo shows an MB fender. Does your statement cover GPW’s also? I’m curious wnat the drawings show.

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