Trailer Wiring Kits – Bantam BRT & Willys MBT

You will no doubt be aware of the difference between the Bantam and Willys Trailer kits where the original Bantam kit external braiding was black in a coarse cotton with a pattern peculiar to the BRT and the Willys kits were taped in the same manner as the Jeep wiring kits.

We have now reproduced the original style cotton braiding to correctly replicate the complete Bantam BRT braided kits, no other manufacturer has gone to this trouble.

Happy restoring,
Darcy Miller

One thought on “Trailer Wiring Kits – Bantam BRT & Willys MBT”

  1. Looking for complete trailer wiring kit for my Willy’s trailer it’s a 45MB. Also does your kit have the male plug end the 4 blade style? Thank you.

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