Willys MB / Ford GPW Front Floor Drains

The front floors on the WWII Jeeps have a drain fitting on the left and right and these are threaded ¼ NPT to accept plugs.

The correct plugs are ¼ NPT slotted, early were brass and later steel and often Cadmium Plated.

Ref: Willys TM-10-1186 – Change No1 July 1, 1943.

The GPW part number is FM-358019-S

This is the correct slotted plug. Square headed plugs are not correct.


Below is a picture of an original floor with the correct plug fitted.


The plugs were installed as shown from the top down using the screw driver in the Jeep Tool kit. This allowed for the plugs to be installed without leaving the vehicle.

Do not install the plugs from underneath the vehicle as they can be dropped and easily lost.

Original Jeep publications call for the plugs to be stored in the glove box although where the Slat Grille Jeeps without Glove Box had them stored is unknown.

M.V. Spares has been manufacturing parts for WWII Jeeps for more than 40 years as well as having restored over 50 Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps. Experience we are pleased to pass on to our customers.

Happy restoring,
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2 thoughts on “Willys MB / Ford GPW Front Floor Drains”

  1. Lloyd White Vol.4, page 78, says in item19:
    Body Drain Plug – Date started in production 10-26-42
    … “Changing from a slotted brass 1/4″pipe plug to a square head cast iron 1/4″pipe plug tin or lead coated. (To conserve critical materials).”

  2. Wondering …. what is the preferred or suggested method of installing the “Drain Fitting” in the tub?

    Particularly, how to bend over the lip of the fitting?

    Thank you

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