Head Lamp Wiring

Another question arises from Texas and Luxembourg which brings me to resurrect some old notes.

The wiring along the inside of the Left Hand Front Fender (Mudguard) consists of three wires that run from the six (6) post junction block on the firewall to the two (2) post junction block on the inside front of the Left Hand Fender.

The type of casing of this three (3) wire harness is the question sometimes asked and it can be either wire braided or taped with original style black harness tape.

The question relates as to which one was used first and when was the changeover made.

Now before I put my views forth it is not my intention to start an argument as to the serial number when the change was made. There are different opinions on that matter by either very knowledgeable people and others as to whether the books, manuals, parts lists, etc. are right or wrong. Or what was found on a particular Jeep that proves everything everyone else believes is questionable except the person wanting to prove their very own opinion.

The facts are there were changes, the dates were approximate and it’s up to you, the restorer, to make up your own mind, after all it’s your Jeep, do it your way and sleep at night knowing you are happy.

Early production Jeeps used the wire braided harness, Willys Part Number A-1665 (GPW-14425).

Later production Jeeps used the black taped harness, Willys Part Number A-7825 (GPW-14425-B).

Willys MB up to approximately 238835 around June, 1943 we suggest should have the metal braided A-1665 harness.

Willys MB after 238835 or after June, 1943 should have the black taped A-7825 harness.

GPW’s changed from approximately early 1944, but as Ford was following Willys instructions on changes they usually lagged behind and Ford generally did not document the change dates at all.

We produce thousands of wiring kits at a time as follows:

A-2000A kits which fit early Willys MB’s and GPW’s – we include the wire braided A-1665 harness.

A-2000B kits which fit later Willys MB’s and GPW’s with the Push/Pull Headlight Switch – we include the A-7825 black taped harness.

A-2000C kits which fite late Willys MB’s and GPW’s with the Rotary Headlight Switch – we include the A-7825 black taped harness.

Please understand it is difficult for dealers worldwide to hold every variance a restorer might require. If you require, for instance, an A-2000B kit with the wire braided A-1665 harness ask your dealer and they will make every effort to assist you or order your kit from M.V. Spares on www.mvspares.com and we will ensure you receive what you need.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that not all wiring kits using the M.V. Spares part numbers A-2000A, A-2000B and A-2000C are of our high quality production.

The kits sold under the name Seal Tested are poor quality copies. Using our part numbers without our permission and inserting our wire descriptions and other instructions in these Indian made kits does not raise the quality to the enviable M.V. Spares level.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us through our website.

Happy and safe Jeep restoring,

Darcy Miller