Choosing a Dimmer Switch

M.V. Spares has just released new Dimmer Switches that are used on WWII Jeeps and other Military Vehicles.

The question is why two different Switches and which one is best suited for my Jeep or Truck?

The main difference between the two switches is the diameter of the stem as there can be two different hole sizes in the floor of the WWII Jeeps.

The switches are installed up through a hole from under the floor.

Early Jeeps, Slat Grilles and early GPW’s generally had a hole in the floor approximately 15/16″ or .09375″ (24 mm) diameter.

Later Jeeps using the Composite Bodies had a hole size of 1-3/32″ or 1.0938″ (35.7 mm).

Our newly released Dimmer Switch 638979 is suited for earlier vehicles with the stem diameter being .875″ (22 mm).

Our newly released Dimmer Switch A-120256 is suited for later vehicles with the stem diameter being 1.031″ (26 mm).

While the earlier smaller diameter 638979 Switch can be used in any vehicle with the larger hole, the A-120256 Switch can’t be fitted to vehicles with the earlier small holes.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us through the web site.

Happy and safe restoring,

Darcy Miller